Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries

Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries

This unique pork salami is inspired a classic Manhattan cocktail with bourbon and a maraschino cherry garnish. 


Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest

Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest

This pork salami is inspired by beer gardens in Belgium and Germany, where ales are garnished with lemon wedges. Lemon zest and a hint of ginger add brightness to this new American classic.


Pork Salami with  Rye Whiskey and Orange Zest

Pork Salami with Rye Whiskey and Orange Zest

A classic Old Fashioned garnished with an orange twist is the inspiration for this new take on a whiskey salami. Rye, orange zest, and warm spices make this salami stand out.

Pork Salami with Mezcal

and Lime

Mezcal's rise in recent popularity is understandable; it's like tequila's smoky cousin. The smoke  combined with lime and garlic make this a truly special salami.

Lamb Salami with Za'atar

Lamb and Pork Salami

with Za'atar

Our love of Mediterranean food inspired this salami. Za'atar is a blend of sumac, thyme, and sesame that compliments grilled lamb, and it's even better in this salami.



Finocchiona has its origins in Tuscany during the Renaissance. We like to think of our version as part of a salami Renaissance, so it's quite fitting! This pork salami is made with fennel pollen, which makes it a refreshing addition to any charcuterie board or sandwich.


Hot Soppressata 

The flavor profile of this spicy pork salami is the essence of the Italian-American neighborhood where we grew up in Brooklyn. It's got heat and depth, as it's seasoned with chili flakes, black pepper, white wine

and garlic.


Sweet Soppressata 

This mild pork salami has an authentic flavor inspired by the salami that hang from the ceilings of the great Italian pork stores in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The flavor profile is sweet and classic: black pepper, white wine, and a hint

of garlic.