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Are there allergens present in your products?

There are no major allergens present in our products except Milk from the cheese in our Italian Wedding Sausage and Soy, Wheat, and Sesame in our Korean BBQ Sausage.


None of our other products contain any major allergens.


There are no nuts present in our facilities. All ingredients that may contain allergens are segregated from all other ingredients and packaging materials. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before making our products to ensure there are no allergens present in our products. 


What casings do you use for your sausages?

Our sausages are all in sheep casings. Our Pork-Free sausage options include Chicken Garlic Sausage, Duck Fennel Sausage, Lamb Merguez, New York Style Hot Dogs, and Hot Chicken Sausage.


Our pork sausages are also in sheep casings. Our pork sausage options include Breakfast Links, Black Truffle Sausage, Korean BBQ Sausage, and Italian Wedding Sausage.


Our salami chub casings are inedible, and should be removed before consuming.

Is Lactic Acid Starter Culture suitable for those with dairy allergies?

Lactic acid bacteria do not, as such, have anything to do with dairy products; they are bacteria used widely in the food industry to ferment hundreds of foods from yogurt to sauerkraut. The bacteria feed on sugars (they can only grow when some sort of sugars are present) and, as a result of 'carbohydrate fermentation', they produce lactic acid. The lactic acid lowers the carbohydrate content, and therefore the pH level, of the food (makes it more acid) to the point where other micro-organisms are unable to grow – thus dramatically increasing the shelf life of the food. This acidity also changes the texture of the food giving it the more intense and sharper flavors of fermented foods. This process is self limiting as the lactic acid bacteria cannot survive once the food becomes too acidic so, at that point, the process stops.

Why is sugar or dextrose listed in the ingredients but “0 grams” is listed next to “Sugar” in Nutrition Facts?

Salami and Cured Meats: We add sugar or dextrose to the formula so the lactic acid bacteria can feed on them to grow and safely cure and ferment the product. There are 0 grams of sugar in the final product because the lactic acid produced essentially replaces the sugar at the end of the curing process, leaving no sugar remaining in the final product.


Sausages: We add a minimal amount of sugar to the formula -- less than 1 gram of sugar per pound (454 grams) for flavor and balance. There are 0 grams of sugar listed in the Nutrition Facts because there is less than 1/10 of 1% of sugar in a serving size. The FDA suggests rounding down numbers this small to 0. We do make sure consumers know that sugar is present in the formula by adding it to the ingredients list.


How long are your products safe to eat?

We recommend consuming the product by the sell by date printed on the package.


After opening the package, we recommend consuming sausages and deli meats within 7 days; Presliced salami and charcuterie within 10 days; and salami chubs within 14 days.


For all products, cover or wrap any unused portion tightly before refrigerating. 

Do I need to refrigerate your product?

All of our sausages and deli meats should be kept refrigerated.


Our Presliced charcuterie and Salami Chubs are shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature, but we recommend refrigerating after opening the package.

Can I freeze your product?

Our sausages and deli meats freeze well for up to three months.

We do not recommend freezing our Presliced Charcuterie or Salami.

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