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Black Truffle Sausage 

Truffle lovers unite! Packed with real black truffles and loads of flavor, these juicy pork sausages are sure to elevate weeknight dinners and impress friends and family at your next cookout.


Hot Chicken Sausage 

We get it. Brooklyn is a long way from Nashville. But that's not stopping us. This is the juiciest, tangiest chicken sausage you've ever had. Made with hot sauce and warm spices, it's a symphonic flavor explosion!

Italian Wedding Sausage 

This is a true sausage innovation inspired by Italian Wedding Soup—a pork sausage with carrots, spinach, and the best imported pecorino cheese. Try it, and celebrate with us for years to come. Cent’anni!

Korean BBQ Sausage.jpg

Korean BBQ Sausage 

Sweet. Savory. A bit spicy. This sausage has it all. Nothing brings people together like Korean BBQ. So gather 'round for a Ssam Party! (Ssam is a Korean lettuce wrap with rice, meat, and kimchi.) It's also great in fried rice, egg dishes, and of course on the grill!

Chicken Garlic Sausage 

It's like the best whole roasted chicken you’ve ever had. This juicy but lean sausage is made with chicken thighs, roasted garlic, white wine, and a hint of rosemary.


Duck Fennel Sausage 

This is a four-star sausage worthy of a special occasion, but it also fits right in on a backyard grill. It's seasoned with toasted fennel seed, garlic, port wine, and a hint of pomegranate molasses.


Lamb Merguez Sausage 

This spicy lamb sausage is based on a friend's family recipe. It’s seasoned with cumin, caraway, red wine and garlic. Try it in a chickpea stew or on pita with grilled vegetables.


Breakfast Links 

Our take on the classic American breakfast sausage blends pork with fresh sage and local maple syrup to create some sweet and savory links.


New York Style Hot Dogs 

This is a classic all-beef New York hot dog in a snappy natural casing. Seasoned with classic hot dog spices, including coriander and paprika. Game on!

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