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Pair Your Charcuterie like a Chef

Cocktail Inspired Salami Pair Your Charcuterie like a Chef

A charcuterie board with bourbon and sour cherry salami with a Manhattan, walnuts, and cherries

Celebrating with family and friends over food at the dinner table is why we started making charcuterie in the first place. We created our Cocktail Inspired Salamis with this purpose in mind. Meant to be sliced up and shared with our other cured meats, cheeses, and endless accouterments, our salamis are versatile but special.

Need a few suggestions on how to throw the perfect charcuterie board together using these salamis? Easily impress your guests with these thoughtful and tasty pairings.

Pairing #1 - Bourbon & Sour Cherries Salami

Tart, fruity, & complex this salami pairs well with:

  • Soft creamy cheeses

  • Walnuts & almonds

  • Berry jams

  • Multigrain crackers

Pairing #2 - Belgian Ale & Lemon Zest Salami

Tangy, malty, & bright this salami pairs well with:

  • Firm nutty cheeses (like parmesan, Gouda, Swiss)

  • Pickles

  • Pretzels

  • Mustard

Pairing #3 - Rye Whiskey & Orange Salami

Warm & full of energy, this salami pairs well with:

  • Smoked Gouda

  • Gruyere

  • Mild or sharp cheddar

  • Pickles

  • Pecans

  • Sea salt crackers

Pairing #4 - Mezcal & Lime Salami

Smoky & deep, this salami pairs well with:

  • Semi-firm cheeses (like Manchego, Asiago)

  • Pickled carrots and beets

  • Green olives


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