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Gilbert & Bernard's Personal Favorite Gift Set

  • This is the ultimate collection for entertaining, snacking while watching the game or taking on a very special picnic.

    Includes: 1 pâté (7 oz), 1 salami (5 oz), 1 cheese (6 oz), 1 bag of pecans (3 oz), 2 jams (1.5 oz each)

    • Gilbert & Bernard Pâté de Campagne
    • Brooklyn Cured Sweet Soppressata
    • Jasper Hill Cheese of the Month
    • Treat Spiced Pecans
    • Quince and Apple Pear Ginger Jam
    • Blake Hill French Onion Jam

    Pâté de Campagne and Jasper Hill Cheese should be kept refrigerated. Sweet Soppressata can be refrigerated after opening. Bow and tag not included.