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We're proud to announce a new addition to the Brooklyn Cured family! Gilbert & Bernard is our new line of pâté and specialty foods that's inspired by our family's travels. We've celebrated many special occasions with pâté and charcuterie, so we are excited to share these products with the world.


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Black Truffle Mousse

Gilbert and Bernard transport you to the South of France with this decadent chicken liver mousse seasoned with fresh black truffles that were foraged during peak season. 


Bistro-Style Mousse 

with Cognac and Black Pepper

Our Bistro-Style Mousse has waves of flavor and a boozy kick inspired by our meals in Parisian bistros. This decadent, spreadable mousse has notes of cognac, warm spices, and vanilla.

White Truffle Mousse

Four stars! Our White Truffle Mousse is the finest of dining experiences, seasoned with fresh, nutty white truffles. It feels so fancy, but it's also fine to enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay.

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Pâté de Campagne

with Port Wine and Citrus

Have yourself a picnic anytime with Gilbert & Bernard's house favorite pâté! It's like a traditional pâté de campagne that's freshened up with port wine, orange zest, thyme, and rosemary. 

Pink Peppercorn Pâté 

Our Pink Peppercorn Pâté is fragrant and floral, so it is sure to surprise and delight you and your guests! Gilbert & Bernard think it's fun because they like how the pink peppercorns do a little dance on your palate. 

Wild Mushroom Pâté 

Get your hiking boots, and come foraging with Gilbert & Bernard! Our wild mushroom pâté is made with a blend of shiitake and porcini mushrooms paired with herbaceous vermouth and fresh thyme to balance these earthy flavors.

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