Arrive. Stuff sausages. Drink beer. Leave.

That’s pretty much the syllabus of each one of our wildly popular sausage-making classes.



The skilled hand of Brooklyn Cured founder—and self-proclaimed shaman of charcuterie and headmaster of headcheese—Scott Bridi, will guide you through all the steps of sausage making at home.


We have fun coming up with new creations in our kitchen, but we have just as much fun showing others how to make sausages, bacon, and other awesome charcuterie. The goal of our classes is to show you that making sausages at home is not as difficult as it may seem. It just takes some practice. 

Photos by Donny Tsang

All of our sausage-making classes include tastings of the sausages we make paired with craft beers. Our classes will give you basic techniques and recipes so you can make great sausages at home. You will get hands-on experience stuffing sausages and making sausage mixes as well. Our classes also discuss butchery, meat sourcing, different cuts of meat, and equipment you could use at home.


Our class schedule will be released soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to arrange for a private, customized Brooklyn Cured class with you and some friends, please contact us.

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Brooklyn Cured founder Scott Bridi making sausages